Take Your Wooden Stake to the Store

You wince when the electric bill comes. capture1

If you live in a place like Michigan, you hear over and over about rising energy demand, despite a crummy economy.

It’s the hogs and the vampires — the devices that use lots of electricity, along with extra juice when they’re “turned off.”

How to combat this?

Unplug when possible, and choose the right appliances and doo-dads when you go shopping.

But how do I know the good from the bad, you ask?

Thanks for asking.

There’s a new resource out there from cnet.com to help.

Sure, you can look for Energy Star logos when you buy a fridge, but they’re not always staring you in the face.

Cnet.com, a good place to find ratings on electronics, now includes energy efficiency ratings as part of its review process.

The most-efficient products are branded as “Power Savers.”

See the Green Electronics Guide for more, like a chart comparing the power consumption of 150 HDTVs.

Other resources for low-wattage living include:

Happy hunting.

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