web-rites-of-passage-no-bleLargest Tattoo Convention Uses Music and Art to Protect the Environment

Melbourne, Australia – Melbourne’s largest tattoo convention is uniting hundreds of the world’s most respected artists with musicians, celebrities, aboriginals and politicians for a three day festival meant to, literally, take back the land.
One hundred percent of the profits from this celebration go to buying agricultural land in Australia which will be replanted with native rainforest.
All of the art and tattoo supplies, as well as the food served, will be environmentally friendly, locally-grown and organic where possible.

The world’s finest tattoo artists showcasing their work in the city of Melbourne, Australia include Sean Herman, Paolo Acuna, Trevor McStay, Jo Harrison, Nick Baxter and Rachie Brains and many other global talents.

On January 28-30, 2011 at the historic Royal Exhibition Center in Melbourne, Australia, there will be three days of tattooing, music, educational sessions on the environment and native, aboriginal peoples. Further information can be found at here.

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