The Bikecondom - Durable Yet Biodegradable and Unbelievably Low Priced

Green Lifestyles - The Bikecondom - Durable Yet Biodegradable, BikeCondoms are a new and unique type of cover that protect the top half of your motorcycle or scooter BIKECONDOMS, INC. WINS 2010 DEALER EXPO KICKSTART NEW PRODUCT CONTEST

Irvine, Calif. (March 7, 2010) - Though its unusual name likely attracted a lot of the attention, it was the BikeCondom product that won over powersport dealers at February’s 43rd Annual Dealer Expo in Indianapolis. The BikeCondom was selected as a winner in the Expo’s 2010 Kickstart New Product Competition and also received the coveted Dealer’s Choice Award.

BikeCondoms are a new and unique type of cover that protect the top half of your motorcycle or scooter from sun, rain, snow, dirt, dust, and debris. Unlike other covers on the market, BikeCondoms are extremely lightweight and compact.
In their original packaging, BikeCondoms weigh less than half a pound and resemble a DVD case in size (approximately 8×6inches), which allow them to be balled up into a jacket pocket, seat compartment, or already packed saddlebag.
Jason Weaver, the owner and inventor of BikeCondoms, felt there was something missing in the motorcycle cover market. Though unwilling to sacrifice precious cargo space to carry his full cover, Weaver was also sick of taking paper towels out to wipe off his wet bike. He wanted to create something that was a fraction of the size and price of other covers.

Of the new product, Weaver says, BikeCondoms “are not intended to replace the maximum protection offered from your full fabric cover. Instead, BikeCondoms offer a fun, functional, and inexpensive alternative that you can keep on you at all times for when you want to travel as light as possible but still have protection.” Like its namesake, you never know when you’ll need one.

Given its price point, many were surprised at the Expo with the durability of the material. BikeCondoms come in a resealable bag, so you can fold it up and reuse one multiple times. For convenience, however, some riders may only want to use it once and toss it, which is why Weaver opted for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic.

“Even after just seeing the prototype, I knew it needed to be eco-friendly or we’d all feel guilty,” said Weaver. The BikeCondom material is PEVA or polyethylene vinyl acetate, which is a durable yet biodegradable, non-chlorine material often used as a PVC alternative in toy products and shower curtains.

BikeCondoms are a one-size-fits-all cover, so the specific fit will vary with the size of and fairings on your bike. The cover’s dimensions are intended to accommodate very large bikes, but the elastic keeps the cover in place regardless of a bike’s size.

But what about my bike? Weaver says he’s asked this all the time, “It’ll basically cover almost your entire scooter or dirt bike, and it works great on sport bikes and street cruisers. On a large touring bike, you’ll take it up to the handlebars and mirrors and maybe not over the windshield. For most riders, you’re just trying to keep your seat dry and accessories out of plain sight.”

And the name? Weaver says, “Love it or hate, you won’t ignore it. Most riders assume, based on the name, its some sort of disposable cover. All I can say is the powersport community has had a much more favorable reaction than my father or the bank did when I told them I wanted to start a business called BikeCondoms in this economy.”

Judging by the reaction at the Expo, Weaver’s instincts were right about the catchy name. The Kickstart program was created to acknowledge the year’s most outstanding developments in new products for the powersport industry. A judging committee, made up of select powersport dealers, whittled down more than 150 submissions to select the 10 winners based on innovation, design and manufacturing quality, marketability, and distinction in the marketplace.

From those 10 winners, the BikeCondom was awarded the 2010 Dealer’s Choice Award, which is the Kickstart competition’s grand prize. Attendees at the Dealer Expo vote for which of the 10 products they think is the overall winner.

Of the competition’s impact, Weaver said, “Being a winner in the Kickstart competition and winning the Dealer’s Choice Award are huge for BikeCondoms.
We met contacts from several of the major powersport media outlets, exposed thousands dealers and distributors to our product, shot two video interviews, and, most importantly, we signed up dealers from across the country to carry BikeCondoms in their shops. As a small business, I’m confident there was no better way to launch this product.”

BikeCondoms, Inc. - Although our company name is meant to make you laugh, BikeCondoms, Inc. takes your business, your motorcycle, and your motorcycle cover very seriously. For more information, please contact Jason Weaver at or visit their site.

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