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Research from connected home provider Intamac shows people want to conserve energy to save money rather than stop global warming.

Consumers in North America and the UK admit the main reason they want to conserve energy in the home is to save money rather than reduce the effects of global warming. This is according to research carried out by UK-based Intamac Systems Ltd, a leading global provider of home monitoring and control systems.

Intamac surveyed consumers across North America and the UK on their knowledge of the ‘connected home’ and what they’d like to control in their home and why. The research shows that the main reason consumers want to monitor and control their energy settings in the house isn’t to reduce harm to the environment but to save money.

“In the UK only 28% of respondents said their priority for remotely monitoring and controlling water and electricity/gas settings in the home is to save the environment. Interestingly, there were even fewer people in North America with a green conscience - just 26%,” said Kevin Meagher, founder and CEO of Intamac. “Their main priority across both regions is to save money, with a few people claiming safety in the home - for example preventing risk or damage from water leaks or fire hazards - as a third factor of choice.”

With global warming still a key issue in both North America and the UK, consumers need to recognize that conserving energy can have both financial and environmental advantages. The key is to provide an easy way of
“It’s a sure sign of the times. Consumers are having to prioritize on their spending and while saving the environment is obviously important, personal finances are at the top of the list,” explained Meagher. “This isn’t likely to change anytime soon if the predicted increase in domestic energy prices is anything to go by. We’ve learned that the best way to help the environment is to help the consumer which is who we’ve designed our new web-based smart energy monitoring service for. Linked directly to an in-home display, it’ll show the consumer where in the house they can save energy and so help reduce their monthly bills.

“Cutting energy costs has many benefits to the consumer and the environment. For the consumer to take it seriously all that’s needed is a simple way of monitoring energy consumption to help identify a way to cut usage levels and so reduce bills,” he concluded.

About Intamac Systems
Intamac Systems is the market leader in the field of internet-accessed monitoring and control. Founded in 2000, and based in Northampton UK, the company has developed an internet-based platform and communications infrastructure enabling systems and appliances to be networked using the internet. As the ‘digital home’ and business environments become increasingly automated, Intamac is providing global companies and their customers with a range of powerful new services, and the ability to monitor and control their properties remotely from the internet or mobile phone.

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