The First Fair Trade Vodka!


When vodka is distilled five times in a cognac copper pot from a place called “Spirits Valley,” France, you expect there’s going to be something special about your drink. When that bottle of vodka has the FAIR label, you can be certain it’ll exceed your expectations. Forming a partnership in 2009, The Fair Trade Spirit’s Company (FTSC) and The National Association of Quinoa Farmers (ANAPQUI), created Fair. Vodka, becoming the first fair trade certified vodka on the market. Fair. Vodka combined the quality of their ingredients and distillation with the promise of sustainability and long term commitment to produce “pure perfection.” Certified by the Fairtrade Foundation [ The Fair Trade Spirit’s Company uses quinoa from small farms in Bolivia, directly paying farmers fair wages for their grain. Fair.Vodka, though new to the market, already got the nod for Best Unflavored Vodka 2009 New York, NY (June 2009). In addition to fair trade, Fair. Vodka is also committed to the environment and has plans to make their bottles from 100% recycled material. Fair. Vodka gives the phrase, “drink responsibly” a whole knew meaning.

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