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Michael Roger Press has come up with a new green twist on the composition notebook, aptly titled the Decomposition Book.  The wood grain version is currently sold out through October from MRP, but can still be found at Amazon, as well as possibly in Urban Outfitter and Barnes & Noble Stores, and there is a style with a more traditional cherry blossom cover which is still available.

So why is this a notebook a book of note?  This Decomposition Book is made of 100%  post-consumer-waste recycled paper, which has not been treated with any additional chlorine during the recycling process.  Besides recycling the paper, Michael Roger Press utilizes Bio Gas - or methane which has been retrieved from the local landfill, which means they are saving energy resources and reducing emissions.  What perhaps makes this Decomposition Book stand out, though, is the use of soy-based inks.  Soy is not only renewable and low in those nasty VOCs, but it also does not sink into the paper fibers as deeply as dinosaur-based (petroleum) inks, and this makes it easier to recycle a second time.

Thankfully, Michael Roger Press has done the math and calculated the amount of resources that can be saved by using a Decomposition Book and its recycled paper, instead of the traditional Composition Book and fresh paper.  1 ton of this recycled paper saves 17 trees compared to traditional new paper, and replacing just one traditional notebook with one of these notebooks saves 1/3 pounds of solid waste and 3 gallons of water, not to mention nearly a pound each of emissions and natural gas.

It seems that the only thing this notebook doesn’t save is money.  At $8, it is nearly 4 times the cost of a regular composition notebook.  On the other hand, it’s less expensive than other types of notebooks, such as the popular moleskin, and has benefits those notebooks can’t provide, so $8 really seems a relatively small price to pay - especially when one thinks of how much those saved 3 gallons of water alone would cost at the grocery store.

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