The Green Toto Hybrid Toilet

toto green toilet

A new water-saving hybrid toilet called the tankless Neorest AH, uses both inboard and outside water sources at about 5.5 litres per flush. Why does that matter? Because we generally use about 13 litres per flush, thus saving us a lot of water.

These nifty Japanese toilets, include warm water washers and warm air dryers built into the heated seat. The Neorest AH also self-cleans by directing a special spiral water stream, reaching just about all areas of the toilet with minimum water.

Unfortunately, the toilet costs a hefty $4000. Which is hard to swallow if you are trying to save money by saving water and have to fork out 4 grand in toilet parts.

toto green toilet


3 Responses to “The Green Toto Hybrid Toilet”

  1. It’s really quite expensive. $4K can pay for a lot of water. The idea behind the creation of it is great though.

  2. What a brilliant idea!

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