The Kyoto Box Solar Cooker Wins The FT Climate Change Challenge

kyoto_energy_small As a follow up to Got2BeGreen writer Jeff’s article on Making a Solar Oven it so happens that one just fetched a $75,000 (£51,000) top prize in the Financial Times Climate Change Challenge.  Inventor Jon Bohmer’s cardboard solar cooker, named The Kyoto Box,  is used for sterilizing water or boiling or baking food.

The Kyoto Box was entered in a contest called The FT Climate Change Challenge. The contest was organized by The Forum for the Future, a sustainable development charity founded by Mr. Jonathan Porritt and the Financial Times newspaper.

From the website: “The FT Climate Change Challenge aims to seek out and showcase the most exciting innovations - practical ideas which will reduce emissions and make us more resilient to the change ahead, and which can be developed, brought to market and scaled up to achieve maximum impact.”

Mr. Bohmer’s invention beat about 300 other entries, winning the top prize sponsored by Hewlett-Packard to assist bringing the Kyoto Box to market. What impressed the judges, Richard Branson and environmentalist Rajendra Pachauri, about the Kyoto Box was the ability to mass produce the cooker very quickly and deploy it in developing countries.

Congratulations Mr. Bohmer for winning The FT Climate Change Challenge!!


Source CNN

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  1. And congratulations to Jeff for having shared the idea
    with us in the first place.

  2. I want to purhcase or make a kyoto box. Please provide me with info on my request.

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