The No Impact Experiment

No Impact Man Colin Beavan

No Impact Man Colin Beavan

The  first No Impact Experiment launches on on October 18th on The Huffington Post. They are registering thousands of participants for a one-week carbon cleanse and you can be among them; click here to sign up. To make this program successful and sustainable, they need your help raising $10,000. A donation of $200 would pay for our survey technology, $500 would cover a portion of our robust outreach campaign, $2,000 would fund the development of our 20-page manual, and $5,000 would cover the development of our social platform. Click here to support the No Impact Project.

Colin did it for a year, now it’s your turn to try it for one week. The No Impact Experiment is a chance for you to see what a difference no-impact living can have on your quality of life. The how-to manual will provide tips and tools for lessening your environmental impact and the  online forums will allow you to share photos and stories throughout the week. The Huffington Post will launch the Experiment on October 18th.

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  1. hey there,

    i think you might enjoy this exclusive web short the colbert report did with
    colin beaven. here is the link:—backstage-with-colin-beavan

    hope you like!


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