The POWERGUARD - Just plug it in and it cuts energy use by 10%!

Canada’s NEVVUS Group is offering a new “plug-and-play” device that can cut energy use by 10% or more, simply by plugging it into a wall outlet.

Dubbed the POWERGUARD, it works by reducing power spikes and energy surges. As a result the electrical system of your home or office is more efficient. Energy used in inductive motors, which are used in various appliances (refrigerators and air conditioners are just 2 examples), is often lost during the operation of these appliances. The POWERGUARD stores this otherwise lost energy in it’s capacitors. In other words it captures any excess energy, stores it and then feeds it back into your electrical system for “maximum energy efficiency.”

According to a Nevvus spokesperson there are already 300,000 people around the world who are using this device and it works. The POWERGUARD is going for $199.99 plus shipping and handling. According the spokesperson the device will pay for itself in a year if not sooner. With climbing electricity prices even a 10% savings is worth it.


4 Responses to “The POWERGUARD - Just plug it in and it cuts energy use by 10%!”

  1. By golly this is just the ticket for everyone. I find it
    a faboulous idea to say the least.


  2. This company applies “truth in advertising” very loosely. As an electrical engineer, I can tell you that the claims of savings are severely overstated. Capacitor-based devices supply what is known as reactive power, which is not measured by utility energy meters. Capacitor-based devices do not change the flow of real power through the meter by any appreciable amount and certainly cannot provide the savings claimed on a residential service.

  3. I’ll run it by “the boys” here in the house. They are the ones to make all decisions re. power.

  4. These absolutley work! We have man people who have been sing these for more than 6 months! I can show you how to get 2 for the price of 1 right now and also even show you how to become a dealer and make a commission for sharing the good news with people you know!!! Call me at 615.692.1794.

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