The Sierra Club Asks JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon to “Walk the Talk”


With a new video, the Sierra Club  launched a campaign to ask JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon to live up to his promise to “walk the talk.” JPMorgan Chase is the big money behind dirty coal.

Mr. Dimon talks a lot about doing “everything to do the right thing” and needing “good policy on energy and the environment” yet JPMorgan Chase has continued to underwrite some of the dirtiest companies and riskiest coal projects in the country including:

  • Massey Energy, the largest and most notorious mountaintop removalcoal mining company.  Highlights of the company’s dark side include the third largest Clean Water Act fine in U.S. history, buying judicial elections, and attacking reporters.
  • New coal plants developed by American Municipal Power, Alliant Energy(2 plants) and a subsidiary of American Electric Power. Several of these plants were rejected by regulators and the courts because they were too financially risky, yet JPMorgan Chase continued to underwrite them.

Watch the video and read more go visit their site. They are asking people to contact Jamie Dimon to ask him to live up to his rhetoric and stop financing devastating and risky coal projects.

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