The Wall Street Journal Wants You to Recycle

Am I just junk mail?

Am I just junk mail?

The Wall Street Journal, which has passed USA Today as the nation’s top newspaper, wants me to recycle. It may also want you to recycle. Perhaps. The connection here is quite mysterious.

Many weeks ago, I received a letter in the mail from an airline company. “Your SkyMiles” or whatever they’re called “are about to expire,” the letter warned. I was given the choice to fly really soon, let my miles expire, or trade in my miles for various newspaper and magazine subscriptions. Being a newspaper man for many years, I traded in the miles, and signed up for publications including The WSJ.

Weeks later, a black plastic bag containing one of those free, please-subscribe versions of the local newspaper appeared in my driveway. These things annoy me, because they’re basically litter. So I chucked the black bag into my recycle bin, for sorting later. It was the morning, I was on my way to work, and I was annoyed.

The next day, the same thing happened. Another black plastic bag holding a free version of the newspaper. Still annoyed, I chucked the bag into my recycle bin, for later sorting.

This routine went on for a couple of days until I mentioned it to my wife, passing along my annoyance at the ever-growing pile of black plastic bags crying out to be sorted for recycling day.

To which my wife revealed, “Those aren’t the free newspapers. They’re The Wall Street Journals that you signed up for.”

Ugh. I was caught. Had I just properly recycled the bags and papers in the first place, I would have known this. Which goes to show, recycling can help more than just your neighborhood and Earth. It can enrich your mind with daily information, like that contained in a newspaper such as The Wall Street Journal. Maybe I should just sign up for the e-edition when my subscription runs out.

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    * KFC parent Yum Brands Inc on Wednesday reported a smallerthan expected decline in June sales at established restaurantsin China, showing signs of recovery after sales were drasticallyhit by a food safety scare and a bird flu outbreak.

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