Three Eco-minded and Budget-Savvy Choices for Your Wedding

just-giveSarah Meyers from JustGive sent us three eco-minded and budget-savvy choices for nearly-wed couples planning their green weddings. Creative and charitable, these ideas can help make the perfect wedding a reality - JustGive makes it easy:

1. Wedding Favors: Thank guests in a personal and lasting way. Make a heartfelt donation as a Wedding Favor and honor a loved one’s memory or donate to an environmental cause the two of you care deeply about.

2. Wedding Registry: Create a Charitable Wedding Registry and offer guests a meaningful and affordable gift option. JustGive makes it easy to customize a wedding page. They take care of the details and make it a cinch to announce the registry and track gifts in a password-protected account.

3. Wedding Party Gifts: Share the love with your wedding party. Donate to their favorite cause or give them personal GiveNow charity gift cards they can use to support a cause that means the world to them.

No carbon footprint to worry about - all the options are available online!

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