Tierra Viva Foundation: Sustainable Development


In Venezuela, Tierra Viva Foundation promotes and implements sustainable development programs.

Sustainable development is a model intended to satisfy today’s needs without compromising the needs of generations to come. It is based on harmonic relations between environmental, social and economic factors.

Multiple civic institutions contribute, directly or not, with the establishment of this kind of model in Venezuela, particularly in rural and indigenous communities, where you can find the most successful practices in this matter.

Tierra Viva Foundation is one of the institutions promoting sustainable development in Venezuela. They support numerous sustainability programs in national parks and in the poorest areas of the country; it is worth it to mention their accomplishments in organic agriculture. They also support programs in many national declared parks, creating consciousness amongst citizens about the need to preserve the environment for generations to come.

They frequently have trips called “Cocoa Route.” These trips offer the opportunity to visit the organic cocoa plantations in Barlovento region. Not only you get the chance to taste their products, but you can also meet the pioneers in sustainable development and get warmed up with the green energy that motivates these people to practice agriculture in an environmental friendly way.

These organic products are sold in the market at fair prices, since Tierra Viva Foundation supports fair trade. Promoting organic products creates consciousness and environmentally friendly consumption. Not only do they help communities overcome poverty, they also help to protect the ecosystem and biodiversity.

Furthermore, Tierra Viva has a group of experts and researchers who produce articles and other informative pieces, which they distribute periodically to their associate members and whoever is interested in sustainable development. These articles are available on their website, where you can also get information on how to support this awesome project with your money or your time.

If you speak Spanish and want to know more about Tierra Viva just click here, and if you want to learn more about sustainable development click here.

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