10 Ways to Save On Utility Costs

Here are 10 simple ways to saving money on your utility costs.

1) Turn off lights in unused rooms
2) Use your ceiling fan instead of air conditioner
3) Keep your showers brief
4) Turn off the water as your brush your teeth
5) Purchase Energy Saving equipment
6) Buy CFLs bulbs - they’ll save you energy
7) Run your dishwasher only when full
8) Spend some more time with your partner by showering with them!
9) When doing the laundry, wash your clothes in cold water
10) Apply weather stripping to doors and windows to eliminate heat leaks

3 Responses to “10 Ways to Save On Utility Costs”

  1. Your list of ten ways to save on utility bills is right on.

    Feels great to do right for the environment and save money at the same time. I took a quick look at some of your other energy saving posts. You are off to a great start.

    I will be putting a link to your blog on mine.

    How long have you been working on your blog? We are working on very similar topics. I started 14 weeks ago and have seen a big jump in readers in just the last week.

    Birney Summers

  2. I’ll try and do better–I have a few teenagers who think showers come with a 20 minute min.

    Do you do the cold water wash? Im curious what the outcome is, do you notice a difference in how clean your laundry is?

  3. Hi Birney - Yes, I’ve noticed a change in traffic recently. I have also seen a lot of big sites like MSN and Yahoo catching onto the ‘green’ wave. It’s great to see more people interested. The site is fairly new and I’m excited at its growth!

    Welcome Stacey! - I have used the cold water wash and would personally recommend going this route. Although, if you have children that get their clothes heavily soiled or you somehow get an oily substance onto your clothes, go the hot water route. =)

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