Global Warming - Myths & Facts. Join the Virtual March.

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of talk on Yahoo! Answers regarding the myths and facts behind global warming. Some of the questions and answers are alarming, stating that global warming is fake and we shouldn’t be worried about energy conservation. From much of the research produced, I’ve surprised there are many that believe we are alright if we continue on our present course as is without making little tweaks to our everyday routines. I’ve listed a few myths vs. facts…

Myth #1 - Global Warming is a natural part of the earth’s cycle.
Fact - People are the cause of global warming due to the burning of fossil fuels which has contributed to CO2 production, much more than ever released into the atmosphere in hundreds of thousands of years. The Arctic does go through it’s cycles of warm periods but the warmth did not affect as many areas and persist year after year as does today. The ice has been melting persistently and scientists are have no expectations of a reversal due to greenhouse gases.

Myth #2 - We can adapt to the changes.
Fact - The current rate of global warming could bring a lot of human suffering to our future generations. Scientists predict that if the pace continues, many heavily populated low-lying coastal regions would be flooded each year in the 2080s. Small island nations would see a similar affect and may have a harder time adapting. On top of this, wildlife may be unable to adapt to the rapid change.

Myth #3 - The science of global warming is too uncertain.
Fact - Scientists are not debating about the fact of global warming. The only debate is how do we conquer this situation as our scientists have given a clear warning about global warming.

Global warming is a reality. Join Stop Global Warming Virtual March. Spreading the word will force political figures and groups to pay attention.

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    In addition, Americans like to cling to make-believe and earthly possessions. MY car, MY house; humins are leading us to the end.

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