Charcoal Tastes Better, but Propane Is Greener

photo by bucklava, via flickr

photo by bucklava, via flickr

This study is a summer bummer.

It’s almost Memorial Day, and grilling season. But British research published in Elsevier’s Environmental Impact Assessment Review concludes that propane has a carbon footprint that’s three times smaller than that of charcoal.

So even though charcoal may be the tastiest choice, propane is the greenest. Which is hard to stomach. Charcoal seems so much more earthy than propane that’s refined and bottled in big metal tanks.

The study’s author used emission figures from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change along with data gathered from fuel producers and on the grill, according to the Medill School in Chicago.

So does this change your mind about how you’ll make the cheeseburgers?

Folks on the ‘Net seem to be sold on charcoal over propane, even though propane heats up more quickly, and requires less cleanup than charcoal. Did you forget the lighter fluid?

A thread at Yahoo! Answers includes several comments about the taste bud benefits of charcoal over propane.

“I think charcoal is worth the wait,” one contributor writes.

“There is nothing better than the taste of grilled pork chops cooked over the red-hot charcoals,” writes another.

This is one fight the environmentalists might want to put on the backburner.

3 Responses to “Charcoal Tastes Better, but Propane Is Greener”

  1. in teaxas….we are all propane…because hank hill is the man

  2. Gas is a fossil fuel whereas lump charcoal is a biofuel. Therefore lump charcoal is greener. Burning propane puts long sequestered carbon into the air. In order to use lump charcoal you have to have something which pulls co2 out of the air (trees). This makes lump charcoal carbon neutral/

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