Don’t Wash Your Car

Don’t wash your car, have someone else do it for you.

If you are like me, who is too lazy to wash their car this is good news for you.

Taking your car to a commercial car wash is better for the environment than washing it at home. Commercial car washes are required by law to send the used water through the sewage system to be properly treated instead of allowing the soapy water to flow to a storm drain. Car washes will use less water and in drought-prone areas, many car washes will recycle or reuse the water.

If you still prefer to do your own car washing choose chlorine and phosphate-free soaps or use a multipurpose clear such as Simple Green. If possible, you could even try parking your car on the lawn so the ground acts like a natural filter for the used water. To take it a step even further, you could make your own car wash kit to redirect the dirty used water away from your strain drain. Check out a city in Washington direction’s on how to build one.

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  1. i wash my own car. =)

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