Global Warming Statistics & Calculate Your Impact

Check out these images. They are projections of earth’s surface temperatures. It’s scary to watch how CO2 emissions have increased and WILL increase. It’s a really bad kick in the head to see…

Also, check out how you and your family’s current lifestyle is changing the earth and see what revisions you can make to your living to make it more ‘earth friendly’.

4 Responses to “Global Warming Statistics & Calculate Your Impact”

  1. Wow, that’s actually kinda shocking to think that probably by the time we’re senior citizens, you literally cannot live in the midwest without air conditioning without probably dying from heat exhaustion. I can totally imagine earth becoming similar to those futuristic movies where there is no real ‘nature’ and we all live isolated in enclosed environments due to the harsh nature of the outdoors (which we created). I’ll probably be dead before it gets too bad but that’s going to suck for future generations.

  2. I know, it’s a bit disheartening to think in our “old” age things are may be quite different for us and our future children.

    Currently, I can’t imagine what it would be like, living away from the ocean. I truly appreciate the convenience of having an ocean breeze by just opening a window and I don’t feel guilty about running the A/C.

  3. Check this site out, a United States Interactive Carbon Footprint Map, illustrating Greenest States. This site has all sorts of stats on individual State energy consumptions, demographics and State energy offices.

  4. Global Warming Images…

    Images of global warming and how we are individually affecting the earth…….

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