Is iTunes Good For the Environment?

Books, CDs, DVDs….it’s really a neverending list of things to buy. With all the plastic music jewel cases lying around, have we thought twice about where they’ll go after we die? CDs are mostly manufactured from Aluminum and Polycarbonate along with Lacquer, Dyes and other materials such as water, glass and nickel. Most of the materials need to be processed prior to manufacturers using them to make CDs, as crude oil is needed to make plastic.

At one point, these items may probably end up in a landfill…unless of course, your offspring decides to keep them all. But really is that gonna happen? It’s estimated that by downloading music, iTunes Store saves future generations 415,000 CDs worth of landfill space PER day. It certainly is a different way of looking at things that most haven’t considered.

So next time you think about buying a dvd or cd, think about buying it used or downloading it.


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