Save Energy By Shutting off The Faucet

water faucet

Did you know that running the hot water for just 5 minutes is the equivalent to as much energy used for a 60W light bulb for 14 hours, according to Peter Gleick of the Pacific Institute.

It takes a lot of energy to deliver water into the home. It could take around 3,200 kilowatt hours to move an acre of water (approximately 326,00 gallons) from Northern California to Southern California, the equivalence of using 9.8 watt-hours per gallon to move the water. Of course, on top of that it requires even more water to heat it up.

Apparently the California Energy Commission calculated that if they canceled a proposed energy efficiency program to replace with a water savings program, they would save 95 percent of the energy for only 58 percent of the cost.

So wash up quickly!


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