Save More $$ On Gas

Since we may never see cheap gas again, here are a few suggestions to save some gas money.

1) Brake and Accelerate slowly/gradually (situation permitting, of course!). Quickly braking and accelerating frequently can consume up to 20 to 25% of each tank of gas.

2) Replace your fuel filter. If it’s not in tune, it probably suffering from a clogged fuel filter which gasoline is circulated through many times before being burned. Improving your engine efficiency will save money in fuel costs.

3) Purchase fuel during the coolest part of the day (I usually choose to do this in the morning). All liquids expand with heat and gas is sold by volume. Getting gas during the ‘cool’ hours of the day will give you more fuel for your money.

4) Purchase a smaller car (or buy a hybrid!). Smaller cars can weigh about half as much as the larger cars. The weight of your car (and total weight of items in your car) will have an effect on your gas mileage.

5) Don’t open your windows at high speeds. Doing so will create additional drag and reduce fuel efficiency by 10%. Alternatives? Use the cars ventilation system or air conditioning. Running the A/C is actually more effective at high speeds than rolling the windows down. At slow speeds, opt to roll the windows down.

6) There is no need to warm up your car. Idling your car for longer than 30 seconds is much longer than needed, especially with the newer vehicles out there. It’s more efficient to turn off your car and turn it back on than let it idle for 45 seconds.

7) Check out websites like Gas Buddy. Gas Buddy can find the lowest priced gas in your area.

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  1. I have quoted this verbatim on my blog, along with my excuses, and a link back to here. –Josh

  2. Great!

  3. Gas pumps have internal temperature correction built into them. So it makes no difference what the outside temperature is. If you look at the pump you will probably see that it is corrected to 15 deg c/ 60 deg f.

    Northern States and Canada have lower average temperatures than 15 deg c. So if there was no correction the oil companies would be giving free gas to millions of people.

    Doesn’t sound like an oil company does it….

  4. Last fall, AZCentral published an article stating that hotter areas cost motorists more money, as much as $155 million a year in Arizona and almost $2.5 billion nationwide. Minnesota, having the lowest gas temperature at 53 degrees, pays $37 million less annually for gas. A lot of pumps have not been adjusted and may serve up hot air. The petroleum companies like to focus on the energy output, saying that it doesn’t matter if you’re at 15 degrees or below 15 degrees - the energy content is the same in different volumes. I don’t have a physics background, but I wouldn’t see the harm in pumping at night or early morning when it’s coolest…it wouldn’t hurt.

  5. On a related topic, I have a calculator that determines your optimal commuting speed considering your car’s efficiency and how much you make an hour -

  6. Hey Duped - The calculator on your site is great! It’s informative to view cost efficiency over mph in a graph. An excellent idea. Give props to your friend that rhymes with ‘robe’ for making it.

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