Saving More With Filtered Water Pitchers

Green Lifestyles - Saving More With Filtered Water PitchersUsing filtered water pitchers like Brita or Pur is a great way to cut down on the plastic water bottle disposal issue world wide. Most families will store the pitcher in the refrigerator for that cold drink of water.

Each time the refrigerator door is opened there is ann energy loss between 9 and 13 watt-hour. This can add up quite quickly, especially in the hot months of summer.

A tip the Got2beGreen Team would like to share is how to have that cool drink of water without storing the water pitcher in the refrigerator. All you need to do is add ice where you fill the pitcher with water. When you add water over the ice and it filters into the pitcher the water will be cold. As the pitcher sits out on your counter the ice will melt and add to the cold water.

This is a great to prevent more plastic in landfills  and it prevents energy loss. — both save money. Just another way Green2Save works.


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