The Big Guide to Going Green at Home

bigguideIf you want to go green at home but don’t have a clue, some experts would like to help.

A site called offers tips on windows with the smallest carbon footprint, detergent with the lowest impact on your watershed and low-waste bedding.

That should help you sleep better at night in more ways than one.

Cyberhomes, billed as a real estate information portal, is a division of Lender Processing Services Inc.

The site’s “Big Guide to Going Green at Home” is broken into six sections:

• Home Improvement
• Choosing Wise Appliances
• Selecting Furniture with a Conscience
• Saving Energy at Home
• Keeping Green when Keeping House
• Feeling Good About Losing the Lawn.

The tour guide is self-described cul-de-sactivist James Glave, author of “Almost Green: How I Saved 1/6th of a Billionth of the Planet.”

Cyberhomes was awarded a Best Web Site award for 2009 from the National Association of Real Estate Editors, so they know a little about homes.

3 Responses to “The Big Guide to Going Green at Home”

  1. Great Information! Thanks for sharing!! I didn’t realize that cyberhomes gave green tips. I found this very useful since I am trying to go green!

    Rita R
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  2. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for sharing the green resource. We’re very happy with how it turned out.

    All the best!

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