Weekly Tip: Saving on Fridge Energy

5 simple tips to save energy with your fridge:

1) Clean the coils on the back of your refrigerator about once a year to increase heat transfer efficiency. Dust build-up will insulate the coils and make them inefficient. Simply vacuum the area (unplug it first)

2) Cover the foods and liquids in the fridge. Uncovered foods release moisture making your refrigerator’s compressor work harder.

3) Make your trip to the fridge short and sweat. The less you keep the fridge open, the less energy escapes. Organizing items within you refrigerator will help.

4) Keep a full freezer. It will help with the freezer’s efficiency. As for the cold section in your fridge, avoid overcrowding as this area needs air circulation to run well.

5) Check your door seals. If a piece of paper can slip out when you close the door, then you know cold air is escaping.

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  1. Ironically, I just did a post on our newer refrigerator breaking down. Seems like they’ve got a built-in obsolescence of 5 - 6 years according to the repairman.

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