Tropical Salvage: Transforming Furniture Fairly

tropicalsalvage2smallSmooth, durable, and with a history that at times goes back a thousand years, Tropical Salvage’s furniture is remaking the concept of home decor manufacturing. The Portland Oregon company uses only salvaged wood, (no standing trees), to cultivate imaginative furniture made by Indonesian artisans under fair trade principles. The company combines historic tropical hardwoods to build solid wood furniture using traditional joinery and techniques. The final renewed product is timeless, utilitarian and completely sustainable.

tropicalsalvage3smallNot only is Tropical Salvage transforming old deconstruction and rediscovered wood into amazing and imaginative home decor and furniture, the company embraces fair trade labor and is now reaching out to the White House as a part of the national grass-roots, nonpartisan coalition, “Fair Trade the White House.” The coalition consists of fair trade companies, organizations, vendors, retailers, schools, and individuals, who are all cordially inviting the First Lady to join the fair trade movement and declare the White House a “Fair Trade Home.”

Kevin Havice, Tropical Salvage Director of Marketing, notes, “Tropical Salvage is founded on a belief that irresponsible and unsustainable logging practices and other threats to the world’s ecological integrity can be answered and abated with positive changes. Fair trade benefits both our local community, and the wider, global community through mutually beneficial relationships between workers and consumers. Diverse selection of quality renewed furniture will allow shoppers more ways to integrate ethical consumption into their lifestyle.”

Tropical Salvage is encouraging its fans to sign the public invitation to the First Lady online.

Custom and finished pieces availabl here.

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  1. What a solid company. That would be awesome to have such a public figure such as the first lady sign on to have a fair trade home. It would certainly have a large positive influence on other organizations considering taking similar actions.

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