Water Recycling Shower

Looking for a way to take a longer shower without feeling rushed or guilty? Tired of brushing your teeth while you’re taking a shower to minimize water use? Or maybe you’ve tried none of these but are curious about new crazy ideas on minimizing water use while washing up?

Well, there is a new idea on the market called the Quench Shower system, which allows you to take longer showers while saving you up to 82% water and 87% energy. The showering process is divided into two parts. First you wash up under a ‘regular shower mode’, where you soap up, shampoo and rinse. Once you’ve rinsed off the soap, you press a button for auto-mode showering (the second part of the process) which involves building a reservoir of ‘clean water’ that you can continuously use for as long as you want. You are given the option to control the temperature of the water on the fly and relax in a guilt-free long hot shower.

Check out the video. This even more reason to make sure your shower/bathtub is clean because that water is going to come back and wash you up a second time.


2 Responses to “Water Recycling Shower”

  1. Sounds good, Susan. But the video, yikes! Couldda called Brad Pitt.

  2. Haha - I thought the same thing :)

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