Water Tank Waltzes Way into Array of New Purposes

hs_watertankA redwood water tank that held 100,000 gallons of water for her first 75 years finds new life in Retirement! Heritage Salvage has repurposed the old growth clear heart redwood that constituted a 30′ in diameter 20′ tall water tank and blanketed the Bay area. When Marin Municipal Water District in San Rafael requested proposals for removal of wooden water tanks, the project stalled when all bids were too high. Seeing the value and beauty of the redwood, Michael “Bug” Deakin, founder Heritage Salvage offers to take down the tank for one dollar.

After providing water to the residents of San Rafael and Dominican College for many years she is deconstructed for one dollar, and repurposed into over 20 Bay Area green projects taking on new life as interior paneling, shelving, entertainment centers, bars, tables, trellises, and more.

Her feature appearances include:

  1. Windsor Firehouse #2 as exterior siding and arched door encasements
  2. Martin’s West Gastro Pub in Redwood City as 26 foot curved bar complete with metal bands and siding, foot rails and curtain rods as well as wall shelving
  3. Rickhouse on Kearny Street in San Francisco, complete interior done in whiskey barrel faux using all tank staves skins with band marks
  4. Gather Restaurant in Berkeley as 20 table tops, counter front and entry door panels.

New Windsor Fire Station #2, Windsor CA

windsorfirehs2The Tank Staves were milled into 4 1/2″ shiplap and applied as siding on the front, rear and one side of the new firehouse. Tank bottoms were then milled to wrap the arched doorways in the front and rear! This state of the art firehouse had her grand opening in October 2009.


Martin West Bar

Martins West Gastro Pub in Redwood City

The Tank Wood was used as the bar front and bar top, 26′ semi circle using the tank stave skins for the front, from what was milled for the Firehouse and one of the original bands from the water tank, and the tank bottom became the bar top! The tank bands were also used for all the foot rails and the curtain rods, and the two rounded tank bottom pieces were used as feature shelving on the original brick wall! The whole restaurant/bar was done in materials that had previous lives in food or food ingredients.  Opened May 7th 2009


Rickhouse Barrels

Rickhouse Speakeasy in San Francisco

All of the interior walls were paneled with the tank skins left over from the Windsor Firehouse milling and skinning the rest of the staves! Bug and Dahi (no longer with us) came up with this unique concept after bug showed him Risibisi bar done in another water tank.


Gather Table-tops

Twenty of the Gather table-tops were built from the bottom of the redwood tank.

The staves of the tank were milled into two parts, the siding for the Windsor firehouse was milled from the meat of the staves and the skins, showing the band marks, were used as a bar front at Martin’s West, the interior of Rickhouse.

The last of the Skins were sanded by Ari Derfel, the restaurant co-owner of Save your Trash fame, and used reversed as his counter face!


Gather's Front Door Panels

The final piece of the bottom of the tank came to rest as Gather’s front door panels, as Retirement completes opening the doors on a new life for one water vessel!

For more info, watch the  video.

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