Ways 2 Be Green for the Holidays

As I prepare to wrap my gifts for the year, it occurred to me that there may be other procrastinators who might need some tips on how to have an more eco-friendly Christmas or other gift-giving holiday this year. So here are a few ideas to help us lessen the environmental impact of the season.

When in doubt, try to buy the item with the least packaging! That will save twice, because you will use less wrapping material.

And speaking of wrapping, many stores now sell gift packaging that is 100% recycled and recyclable. Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts(TM) offers a full line of gift bags, tissue and wrapping paper that can be either reused or tossed straight into the recycling bin when you’re done. They come in simple but pretty festive designs, primarily red and/or green on brown. The handles of the gift bags are made from wrapped paper, rather than plastic, but they are just as sturdy under normal circumstances.

If brown paper just won’t work for you, then how about using fabric instead? Just buy a few scarves made from sustainable fabrics or find a nice holiday print at a fabric store and buy a few yards. Place the gift on the “wrong” side of the fabric, gather the edges into the center and finish off the package by tying the gather fabric off with a large fabric ribbon.

Finally, remember to use recycled paper for your cards and gift tags.

Have a safe and green holiday season!

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  1. I noticed that the wrapping paper at Jo-Ann this year is 100% recyclable too.

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