What Is the Truth???

global-wamingThe recent media coverage of the e-mails stolen by a hacker from the University Of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit (CRU) has sparked the question whether or not the planet is really undergoing Global Warming.

Got2BeGreen’s mission is to provide information and facts and to allow our readers to come to their own conclusions. However, Got2BeGreen wishes to make a statement regarding ongoing efforts to reduce human caused carbon emissions, reduce waste and pollution, and continue to look for efficient and alternate energy production should not be curtailed or stopped.

Whether you believe Global Warming is caused by humans, is natural or is a combination  of both, or a hoax altogether; we still need to strive to be Green2gether!! We have provided two links for additional reading. One is a link to a BBC article explaining the impact of the stolen e-mails from the University Of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit (CRU) being made public. The other link is an Associated Press article on the CBS News web site discussing Greenhouse Gases hitting a record in 2008.

You decide…

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3 Responses to “What Is the Truth???”

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  2. I think its worth noting that “Green” is so much more than C02 and Global Climate Change. It’s also proper use of resources, sustainability, preservation of air, water, land , and species. Its also about not wasting something that cannot be regained.

  3. The are enough indisputable reasons to get of of fossil fuels that the argument as to whether or not we are facing impending doom over man-made climate change is mute. Fossil fuels are not renewable and therefore will continue to increase in cost as stores are depleted throw world economic and popular growth. A large part percentage of the profit from fossil fuels benefit known hostile countries. We don’t need a thermometer to come to these conclusions.

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