Wind Lit Solar LED lights

wind solar lights

These very convenient wind lit solar LED lights pull double-duty by taking power from two sources, solar and wind. To get them working, all you need to do is leave them hanging all day long to absorb the necessary power to be used later that night and for the wind to charge them, they only need to be spun to get charged.

The innovative design is from Yoshihiro Shimomura, a circuit designer design lecturer at Chiba University in Japan. He first created battery powered prototypes but upgraded to a more eco-friendly creation. The light is composed of a glass, bell-shaped, vessel, which holds the LED light, circuitry, and solar panel. Wax holds the electronics inside the glass vessel and disperses the emitting light. Paper is suspended from the center of the circuitry and as the strip of the paper is blow, the light turns on. The light will stay on longer with more sun and also stronger winds to keep it on.


Source via Inhabitat

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  1. Now, this would be perfect combo. Love it!

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