World’s First Air Freshner Made From Poo

poo freshner

I had to re-read this twice. Yep, who knew. You can make an air freshener out of poo…and not any poo, Sheep poo. This Sheep Poo Paper™ hanging air freshener (wow, what an un-tasty mouthful of words) can be tied anywhere.

Proudly produced by the Creative Paper Wales company, the “Poo-pourri™” is completely sterilized in a specially designed pressure cooker boiling at over 120 degrees centigrade. It is washed repeatedly over several days until the poo has lost about half of its original weight. The remaining fibre body is then beat and blended with other recycled material and pressed into paper. Crazy to think, how did they come up with this idea. I don’t find playing with poo to be one of my hobbies. I hate cleaning out the kitty litter.

Poo Paper

4 Responses to “World’s First Air Freshner Made From Poo”

  1. But does it smell good or is that a silly question?

  2. OMG! I would hate to be the chef!

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  4. [...] World’s First Air Freshner Made From Poo [...]

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