Wow, Get Ready To Print Your Own Solar Cells, Literally

print your own solar cells

Konarka Tech has made great advancements in solar technology, by creating a way to print solar cells. The company was able to successfully demonstrate the ability to print usable solar cells from an inkjet printer, how crazy is that? Imagine popping in your own solar “paper” and printing out a renewable source of energy.

Konarka has secured $105 million in private financing from a number of interested investors to make solar available to just about anyone and anywhere without having to spending thousands on panels.

Inkjet printing could become a new way to manufacture solar cells of various patterns and colors for products with lower power requirements, such as indoor or sensor applications. The technique is considered a promising technology since the polymer devices can be fabricated so easily with various substrates. Organic solar cells could be processed with printing technologies with little or no loss compared to “clean room” semiconductor technologies like spin coating.

It’ll be interesting to see how things pan out.

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  1. This is a great find. I loove it!

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