You Can Cash in Your Clunker for a Bike, too

Source: Soma Cycle Inc.

Source: Soma Cycle Inc.

They call it a Zigo, a three-wheeled bike with a stroller attached to the front. Looks like one of those jogging strollers, but you pedal it.

The New Jersey company, called Zigo Inc., has announced a Zigos for Clunkers program, after the successful U.S. government voucher deal.

They say this stimulus program will not only help the environment, but combat obesity and “promote positive parenting.”

The company will accept qualifying automobiles as a trade-in for a Zigo Leader Carrier Bicycle System. It’s called a system because it transforms from a three-wheeled carrier bike into a stroller, jogging stroller, urban bike or bicycle trailer. Versatile.

And the price tag, at $1,349, is used car-grade. So a trade-in might be the way to go.

Long live people power!

Info on how to qualify and apply is on the company Web site. The terms are similar to Cash for Clunkers.

Happy riding.

4 Responses to “You Can Cash in Your Clunker for a Bike, too”

  1. Now this is the kind of C4C/CARS “alternative” we need more of! I think this is more of a solution to the auto (emissions) problem than bailout/stimulus good $$$ thrown at bad. The bike’s versatility is also a nice plus. Bravo!

  2. Have you read Chris Masterjohn’s thoughts on Toll’s essay? (Easily Googled.) If so, what are your thoughts on it?

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