Amazon to Begin Battling Excess Packaging and “Wrap Rage”

With the holidays quickly approaching we thought we’d write about one of our biggest pet peeves - the wasteful packaging and shipping materials used when items are shipped.  According to Wikepedia, wrap rage (or wrapping rage or package rage) is the common name for heightened levels of anger, frustration and violence resulting from the inability to open hard-to-remove packaging. Not only is all the packaging annoying, it’s also extremely wasteful. Amazon, one of the biggest offenders, has decided begin to minimize packaging waste as well as begin to”fight the battle of wrap rage.”

Don Willmott, Forecast Earth Correspondent, wrote the following article for LiveWire via GreenYahoo:

How many boxes has Amazon sent you over the years? And how many boxes were inside those boxes? America’s leading online retailer is finally getting serious about cutting down on packaging waste.

Its environmental manifesto makes it clear that CEO Jeff Bezos is making an effort to do the right thing, not only for the environment but also for his own bottom line:

“We’ve developed software that determines the ‘right-sized’ box for any given item based on dimension and weight. As a result, we’ve achieved a dramatic reduction in the number of packages shipped in oversized boxes, significantly reducing waste; our goal is to always have the product ship in the ‘right-sized’ box.”

Amazon is also fighting back against “wrap rage,” that frustration you feel when you simply can’t open hermetically sealed clamshell-style packages without stabbing yourself with your scissors. The sight now highlights products with “frustration-free” packaging and invites you to send in your own photos and videos of package unwrapping experiences that have driven you crazy.

“It will take many years, but our vision is to offer our entire catalog of products in frustration-free packaging,” Bezos said.

This is a movement we can get behind!


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