Buy a Rainforest With Co-operative’s Bank Card


One of the most detrimental global impacts occurring each day is the destruction of our precious rainforests, impacting not only local people in undeveloped areas but also those residing in developed countries.

Per Cool Earth, within a 24 hour period, deforestation can release as much CO2 into the atmosphere as 8 million people flying from London to New York. Charities like Cool Earth, setup funds to purchase rainforest land for local trusts and employ local people mainly in South America to protect the land from cattle ranchers and logging. Amazingly for just a £35 (approx. $70 US) or £50 (approx. $100 US) one half an acre can be protected.

Co-operative Bank, a main supporter of Cool Earth, is actively uniting their activities to give Bank customers a chance to raise funds for their continued efforts with Cool Earth. With no annual fee, one of their newest products called the Co-operative bank think credit card, donates £35 (approx. $70 US) to the Cool Earth charity when a cardholder makes their first purchase using their card. The money is then used to protect 1/2 an acre of rainforest in the cardholders name for 25 years and for every £100 spent afterwards, 25 pence is donated. Consumers are able to protect an acre of rainforest for less than the price of an iPod!

Co-operative bank also offers lower interest rates on ethically-approved purchases from select retailers such as IKEA, Ecofirst, Ecologist and Nigels eco store - giving more power to the consumer to do a little bit more for the planet without any inconvenience.

4 Responses to “Buy a Rainforest With Co-operative’s Bank Card”

  1. The rainforests present such a great opportunity, and we are losing our chances every day. We need to do something fast. I found a petition which is trying to stop this destruction, and as we gain more signatures, money is donated to the RAN.
    We need to act quickly before it is too late.

  2. Are you stupid. It’s a bank, do you really think they care about the rain forest. They are in the business of money. This is one of a hundred different cards they offer. You really want to help?? Cut up your damn cards and stop draining the economy by going into debt and buying a bunch of crap you don’t need.

  3. I’m tired of how many of us don’t give a darn about how our population numbers are overpopulating our earth, and having impact on climate change. Read my recent post on, and tell me what size you think families should be today.

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