Green Lifestyles - Widex DANISH HEARING AID COMPANY OPENS CO2-NEUTRAL HEADQUARTERSHearing aid manufacturer Widex opens its new headquarters just outside Copenhagen in Denmark on June 29. The building combines groundbreaking technology with innovative design to create a harmonious and entirely CO2 free building.

As one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers, Widex is renowned for finding unique solutions to help the hearing impaired. And now the family-owned company has applied this philosophy to challenges such as the depletion of fossil fuels.

Faced with the task of designing a new headquarters to house over 700 employees and high tech production facilities, Widex decided that the environmental considerations were paramount.

“As a high-tech company we have an obligation to ensure our building takes into account limited environmental resources, particularly our over reliance on fossil fuels,” says Widex CEO Jan Tøpholm.

The building combines the use of renewable energy with the maximum recuperation of energy - thanks to a range of unique features:

* All heating and cooling in the building is provided by a geothermal system, the first and largest of its kind in Denmark. This system reduces CO2 emissions by over seventy percent compared to traditional systems.
* A wind turbine on site delivers more power annually than Widex uses in total. This means that excess power can be delivered to the electricity grid and provide a CO2-free energy contribution to the local area
* 20,000 solar cells are integrated into the building’s façade to save even more energy
Combining the visionary with the pragmatic has been the driving force for Widex.”Fossil fuels are a limited resource that we will definitely use up in not so many years,” says Jan Tøpholm. “Our investment in the building has been substantial, but if one considers rising energy prices then it makes sense financially.”

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