Green Props: Dell’s “Green” PC

The CEO of Dell Computers, Michael Dell, introduced Dell’s green computer at this year’s Fortune Brainstorm Green Conference. The outer shell of the computer is bamboo-coated. The internal components are made of recycled plastics such as milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles. The computer is 81% smaller and uses 70% less energy than the average desktop.

Dell has not yet released the name of the computer. It is scheduled to be released later this year with an estimated cost of $500-$700.

In addition to the green computer Dell has a few other environmentally friendly initiatives. They have partnered with The Conservation Fund and and launched a program called Plant a Tree for Me. The objective of this program is to make it easy and inexpensive for people to “go zero.” To “go zero” means that you measure carbon emissions produced by the power that you generate using electricity and then offset those carbon emissions by planting trees.

Secondly, Dell offers a recycling program. In this program you can drop off your old Dell computers at a Dell store and Dell will have it recycled.

Finally, Dell Headquarters in Austin is powered 100% by renewable energy. For more information about any of Dell’s environmental initiatives, visit their Website


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  1. I e-mailed the Dell Com[uter to a few friends and already
    one person wants to go out and purchase it. I feel the
    same way.


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