Green Props: Pepsico

Pepsico This is the first article in a series where we properly recognize the world’s top companies for doing their part in sustaining our environment. We chose Pepsico, best known for their extensive line of soft drinks and Frito Lay Brand snacks, as they in some ways inspired this series. One night while visiting the Jersey Shore I noticed several giant Pepsi bottles that were in fact recycling containers. I thought to myself “What a great idea!”, so many times you find inadequately marked recycling containers either under utilized or loaded with garbage.

In 1991 Frito Lay developed “Green Teams” that lead to the development and implementation of their Environmental Management System in 1992. From there it was one program after another. A complete report on Pepsico’s Environmental Sustainability can be downloaded in PDF format at

Pepsico’s overall strategy can be outlined as follows:
• Reduce water usage through conservation, reuse and replenishment.
• Reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy conservation and use of clean energy sources.
• Reduce, recycle and reuse packaging and solid waste.

In addition, they have given themselves some specific goals; reduce water consumption by 20%, electricity consumption by 20% and fuels consumption by 25% per unit of production by 2015 when compared to their consumption metrics in 2006.

As recognition for their progress in the area of energy reduction, the EPA recently awarded Pepsico with the 2008 Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award.

To raise consumer awareness and stilumate involvement, they have launched a fun and informative website located at

For more information on Pepsico and their on going efforts, visit

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