Microsoft Offers Digital by Choice

ITOs, Technologists and Administrators, lend me your ears!

Are you interested in getting faster access to software updates, reducing your time and effort in managing software cataloguing and archival, and reducing your carbon footprint all at the same time?

Microsoft’s Digital by Choice program aims to eliminate the cost, hassles, and environmental consequences of hard-media software distribution by giving volume licensing customers the choice of opting for the digital delivery of software over traditional snail mail. The pilot which was launched in April 2008, has now transitioned into full availability worldwide.

By highlighting benefits of the digital delivery channel such as earlier acesss to software updates, a reduction in time and effort usually involved in managing the receipt, distribution, archival and disposal of disk, Microsoft hopes its customers will embrace digital delivery, and in doing so reduce the need to manufacture, ship and dispose of traditional optical media.

Intrigued? Here’s how to end your media subscription disk shipments now:

1. Send your request via e-mail to

2. Specify your company name in the Subject line of the e-mail.

3. Provide the enrolment/authorization numbers for those agreements you would like to begin receiving digital downloads. These are listed on your Agreement Summary or License Statement available through the Volume Licensing Service Center.

** The author is a system administrator in Singapore, and just received the Digital By Choice flyer together with his box of traditional media from Microsoft. He will be presenting a case to his management for the green light to switch to the digital delivery channel.

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  1. Uh, welcome to the year 2000, this is not new for the rest of the software industry. I was involved in electronic distribution back in 2000 at Rational Software. And again at IBM in 2003. This is not a new concept at all. Customers by default are given passcode to their entitled software to our download site. If they want physical media like CD’s or manuals, they have to add this “media pack” to their order. It is free, but you have to explicitly ask for it.

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