NIKA - Eco Friendly Bottled Water

nikaNIKA water is an eco-friendly bottled water company that donates 100% of its profits to poverty alleviation and clean water and sanitation projects around the world.

While other bottled water companies are harangued for their damage to the environment, NIKA water is the only bottled water in U.S. that has been certified CarbonFree by

In addition, NIKA water donates all of its profits to three world class Non-governmental Organizations (NGO’s): Free The Children, Millennium Promise and Project Concern International. So far NIKA has committed more than $300,000 in building schools and wells in four countries.

Entrepreneur Jeff Church, who was motivated to start NIKA water after hearing a presentation by Free the Children founder Craig Keilburger, said that if the bottled water company can capture just a tenth of a percent of the world’s bottled water industry and generate 20 cents per bottle in profit, that would translate to almost $2 million annually in contribution to clean water in impoverished countries.

In addition, NIKA fully supports youth empowerment and has created a unique program to provide teenagers the opportunity to take an active role in solving this crisis by helping to promote NIKA’s mission and NIKA water. Called Agents of Change, these young, inspired volunteers help spread the word about NIKA, the water and the cause to as many people as possible and convince them to buy NIKA water.

Read more about NIKA here.

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  1. I’m in!! We also contribute proceeds to 3 very worthy orgs…child cancer research, the arbor foundation, and the police athletics league. We find “giving back creates wellness for us all” so we will continue to pay it forward.

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