Ideas For Change

For 2008, here are some simple and renewed ideas for making green choices in our lives.

Requires no money:
Turn off lights in unused rooms
Conserve water
Promise not to litter
Rent solar panels from ReThink Solar to replace your current utility bills
Help others recycle paper, plastic, newspapers and cans
Use your bike more often
Leave grass clippings on your lawn
Carpool if you can
Give clothes to charity instead of tossing them out
Cook several meals at one time and freeze the surplus for future meals
Turn off your computer at night or place it on sleep mode
Place your TV on a sleep timer at night
Don’t leave the fridge open
Volunteer at your local park to recycle
Pick up (safe) litter in the streets or in your neighborhood

Requires little money:
Purchase a compost for your food discards
Use CFL lights when a light bulb needs replacing
‘Adopting’ an animal through WWF
Carry cloth bags to the grocery store instead of optioning for the plastic
Invest into rainwater harvesting
Use Non-Toxic cleaning products
Purchase a smart power strip to eliminate phantom power loads
Use a solar charger

Costs a bit more money:
When ready to trade-in your old vehicle, check into buying a hybrid
Install solar panels for your home
Commit to plant additional trees in your backyard