Green Business


Find environmentally friendly products that fit your green lifestyle. Items range from organic home, food & clothing products, eco-friendly moving options, web hosting and much more.

Home Products
CalFinder - FREE Residential Solar Power Estimates
Compost Bins - Specializing in Composting and Composting Accessories
Re-Modern - Happy Modern
Viva Terra - An Eco-Home Superstore

Kai Kids - Gentle on your family, gentle on the earth

Earth Friendly Moving
Eco Haul

Paper Products
Green Field Paper
Greener Printer

Search Engines
Go Green: searches a variety of environmentally focused websites that promote responsible living and conservation
Green Maven: promoted as your gateway to the Green Web
Greensie: searches billions of web pages, images and news articles
Live Search: Search environmentally friendly websites
SearchGreener: Automatically offers great energy savings due to its black background color. Black uses less energy than whtie on computer monitors.

Web Hosting
Host Papa

Changing the Present Weddings: Offers a new type of green wedding registry. Couples are allowed to register for charitable gifts from hundreds of leading nonprofits that can reach out to the world and make a difference.

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